Backblast by Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni) on 08/25/2023

AO: Boiler Room
Q: Rio

18 Pax

18 Pax reminded me why I do this most every weekday since 8/23/18 @ Boiler Room this morning as we utilized the north end of Heritage High’s campus for a 5 year anniversary milestone Q. The playlist included songs with the number five in the title, the lyrics, or in the name of the band.

Warm up: Simple. 5 SSH. 5 Good Mornings. 5 Sir Fazio Arm Circles, front & backwards. 5 High Knees.
1st Program. Double 5’s up & down the big hill.
Hand Release Merkins & Squats at the bottom. Meekins & Bobby Hurley’s at the top.

Program 2. Foundation Dr hill Abs suicide.
5 V-Ups, 10 WW1’s, 15 Low Slow Flutters (ic),20 LBC’s, & 25 Freddie Mercury’s. You had to run back to the starting line and repeat as you approach the next foward line. I should note that Peat Moss (Hank Bialek) was a man on a mission, and dominated the field during this particular statement.

Program 3. Headed to the rockpile at the corner of Forestville and Foundation. grab traveling rocks, and did a quick 16/10 set of Curls & Overhead Presses.

Program 4. ventured to heartbreak Hill to finish up with the Boingo inspired 5’s consisting of Burpees & Box Cutters.

We only had time to return to the flag after that. We had to skip the descending plank ch, sprint series I came up with.

Be sure to sign up for the deacon, and remember that Labor Day is a 7:00 AM start at Agoge.

Prayers for all manner of illnesses, both short-term and chronic. Praise to F3 NE Wake for providing support and brotherhood to one another.

Pictured here. The person who EH’d me. The one and only Bertie (Brian Drew). Without him, I would not have been on your nerves over these last five years.