Backblast by Green Thumb (Ray Perry) on 05/09/2024

Backblast! Here Comes the Sun

AO: Max Bandwidth
Q: Green Thumb (Ray Perry)
PAX: Bean Counter (Coleman B.), Spit Valve (Geoff), Curves (Aaron Stork), Josh Burton (jingle), Melamine (Chad), Elton (Tim), Ham (Chris Schafer), F3 B and E, Dowry (Derrick Wolfe), Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni), Dumbledore (Dave Monaco), Deductible(Jordan) , Flush (Clay Campbell), Tube Top (Matt Boretti)
FNGs: None
Count: 15

The weather cooperated (mostly) for a sunrise rendition this morning

WARMUP: SSH, Willie Mays Hayes, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Good Mornings, Sir Fazios, & Merkins

THE THANG: PAX mozied to the bottom of Mt. Trashmore with some various movements (lunge walk, high knee skips, & Bernie Sanders) along the way. At the base of Mt. Trashmore, PAX divided into two groups and performed a scout run to the top of Mt. Trashmore. Scout run, front PAX sprints for a 5 count out front, stops, and does squats until the group catches him. Then PAX falls to the rear of the group; next front, PAX sprints for a 5 count. Repeat till the group reaches the top of Mt. Trashmore.

Next PAX ran the loop at the top of Trashmore, stopping at each end for a set of exercises. Exercises were Burpees, Bobby Hurleys, and Merkins. Start with 1 rep of each and increase the rep of each exercise by 1 at each stop. After an unspecified amount of time, approximately 10 minutes, Green Thumb instructed PAX to begin decreasing the exercise count by 1.

PAX the completed a 3 PAX Dora (sort of). Two PAX at each end of the loop with one PAX running. AMRAP Split Squats, Dips, and CBLs at one end. PAX choice of Mountain Climbers or Plank Jacks at the other end. Each PAX completed a set of the first exercises before the Q called time.

This left a little time for Broga as the sun began rising. Only able to see it begin peeking about the horizon as we headed down Mt. Trashmore back to the flag. Green Thumb ran over time about 3 minutes and offered 25% off our next annual dues.
MARY: None

ANNOUNCEMENTS: This Friday, May 10: Friday Night of White
Next Week: VQ week (or rarely Q). The Dooley, The Armory, Red Dawn, Excaliber, and Dark Knight have openings.
Next Friday, May 17: Fellowship Lunch at Hartura in Wake Forest
Saturday, June 1: Brew Ruck
Saturday, June 8: Roadside Clean Up

COT: Prayers for Ham’s Mom and Tendonitis