Backblast by Pawnee on 08/28/2023

AO: Agoge

Q: Pawnee

Pax: 26


15 side straddle hops
10 good mornings
10 Hillbillies
1 lap around quad

Workout 5 stations

1. 5x Jacob’s ladder
2. 25 4 count flutter kicks, 20 Greg Louganis, 10 4 count Freddie Mercury
3. 5x sprint across quad and jog back
4. 20 step up burpee’s
5. 100 squats
Labor Day workout is at Agoge at 7:00am. 9/11 stair workout is at Carter Findley Stadium at 5:30am. Please arrive early to sign a waiver.

Menthols sons is in the Phillipeans on a mission trip. Very little communication is possible during his year overseas. Prayers for him and his wife.

Thingamabob’s daughter and son in law are moving to Germany. Prayers for safe travels.