Backblast by Little Dinghy (Jim Amy) on 12/09/2022

Boiler Room (12/09/2022) – Little Dinghy as your humble Q
Pax: 17, including Ascot, Bi-Lo, Boyz-II-Men, The Dude, EKG, Half-Life, Hambone, Jim-Bob, Kitty Hawk, Melamine, Napster, Oscar Mayer, Pierogi, Rio, Spit Valve, Tube Top, and YHC
Red Dawn 9 Ruckers were: Floppy Disk, Flush, Gecko, Gilmore, Green Thumb, Ham, Opie, Phunny, and Thingamabob.
Warmup included 25 SSH in cadence, 9 Good Mornings, 20 Merkins in cadence and 10 Imperial Walkers.
Rucker fled the scene. Boiler Room crew broke into 2 groups of 8 and 9 but Melamine then ran off for a brown alarm. The remainder moseyed towards the Smith Creek Trail but stopped before we got there for 15 burpees OYO. Our next stop was by the rock pile for a 1-minute chill cut. Each group then picked up 2 rocks as our friends. Intent was for each PAX to carry a rock between stations but, depending on the size of the rock, they changed hands more frequently.
Moseyed from there along the path west and then south, stopping next for killer obliques (10 on each side). These are like a Shikira but up balancing on the hand instead of the elbow. Our next stop was a bit longer where each group completed a total of 500 Homer-to-Marge’s, 500 low slow flutters, and 500 CBLs. Picked up our sorry carcasses and moseyed to our next stop for 2-minute chill cut (and some groaning).
YHC forgot to make sure the rock he had been carrying was picked up and we got a rock’s throw down the trail before we realized. Rio and B-II-M ran back to retrieve it while the rest of the PAX completed 10 more burpees. Ran up the trail along Forestville Road and completed another 10 burpees before dropping our rocks off just before the turn on Foundation Drive. Moseyed down to the turn to the parking lot with a final stop for 30 J-Lo’s and then it was “Have a Nice Day.”
COT Announcements limited to Dirty Santa after the Farm tomorrow, Name-o-rama, and then 56 birthday burpees for YHC! Prayers for Floppy’s SIL Jeffrey now diagnosed with leukemia, for Ham as his parents are coming into town for the weekend, and praise for Ascot’s M, Rebekah, as the CT scan on 12/7 showed no change to aneurysms. That all would be drawn closer to family and friends and to God in these times of trial. For us men, recall that Philippians 4:6-7 says, “Do not be anxious about anything but, in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of the Lord, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”