Backblast by Green Thumb (Ray Perry) on 04/21/2023

AO: Red Dawn

Q: Green Thumb
PAX: (8) Floppy, Gilmore, Counterfeit, Chicken Hawk, Menthol, Paranoid, & Squeaks

Following warm-ups with Boiler Room PAX, we rucked to the soccer field.

Thing 1:
PAX divided into two teams for a 3 (4) PAX Dora. One PAX conducted an exercise for the count, one PAX conducted an AMRAP exercise until relieved, and one PAX always traveled across the field with a sandbag. If traveling in pairs, use the higher count of the two.

Dora exercises for count: 150 Ruck Merkins, 300 ruck squats, & 450 Heavy LSF (L/R=1)
AMRAP exercises: ruck plank jacks, ruck mt. climbers, & ruck get-ups

Thing 2:
Partner up with one sandbag, no ruck. One Pax tosses a sandbag across the field, while Pax two completes 3 burpees, then relieves Pax one. Continue alternating 3 burpees and sandbag toss to halfway across the field and back.

Ruck up and bag up back to the flag in time to join Boiler Room PAX for COT.

Friday, April 21 (Today): Fellowship luncheon at Prime BBQ in Knightdale, 11:45
Sat April 22: Q school following The Farm
Sat May 6: Wake Forest Meet in the Street
Week of May 15: VQ week. If you haven’t Q’d sign up.
Sat May 20: Brewery/ Beverage Ruck