Backblast by Billy Goat on 04/20/2023

F3: The Wolverine

Date: 20-Apr-2023

AO: Max Bandwidth

PAX: B&E, Change Order, Curves, Elton, Flush, Infidel, Jingle, Pierogi, Rio, Roscoe P, Spit Valve, Squeaks, Tube Top, Wrigley

Q: Tube Top Billy Goat

Less than a minute into the preamble of what was sure to be a very mundane Q, Tube Top was replaced by a masked man of indeterminate age, Logan (aka Weapon X aka The Wolverine aka Q Jackman aka YHQ, Billy Goat). The warmarama calls included “Jumpin’ Jackmans”, “Good morn…MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS, Bub!”, and “Berserkins” followed by stretches and, of course, “The Wolverine” (Burpee with a down sequence of Merkin, knee to chest, Merkin, knee to chest, Merkin, and up…X-MEN STYLE).

Moseying to the coupons, each PAX was awarded 32.5ish pounds of dead weight to lug in mosey fashion to the suck blocks. Calls to continue the warm up included Left-Right Step Ups, Erkins, “Left-Left” Step Ups (a little extra burn with this unilateral movement), “Right Right” Step Ups, Dips and Derkins.

The 4:20 Main Event was High Energy Athletic Training (H.E.A.T.) where a Tabata timer moved PAX between 60 seconds of ~65-75% HR in the form of Left-Right Step Ups followed by 20 seconds of MAXIMUM EFFORT in a sprint to the second island. This was done for a “Peak 8” rounds.

With lungs sufficiently burning, YHQ moved to the slow burn portion of the program with Time Under Tension (TUT) calls with the Coupons. Calls were volunteered/voluntold to include Overhead Press, Squats, Alpos, Bent Rows, Curls, Tricep Extensions, Lion Kings, Static Lunges, Blockheads, Homer to Selma (Heavy Marge) with slow count cadence on the positive or negative or both depending on the Q’s discretion. Coupons were returned to the hiding spot at 6:12 leaving the PAX just one minute late to circle up.

Thoughts on 4/20 (also the anniversary of Columbine) for all those impacted by tragedies of gun violence.

Announcements a plenty and Prayers for expecting families.

Special thanks to Tube Top for all of his kind words and willingness to sacrifice his AI based Q!

Snikt, Snikt, GRRRRReat work, X-Men!