Backblast by Gilmore (Jim T) on 11/21/2023

AO: Corral
Date: 11.21.2023
PAX: Floppy, Counterfeit, Prius, Phunny, Jay-Z
Q: Gilmore

Following a warm-up of Good mornings, helicopters, Willie Mays Hayes, hillbillies and imperial walkers, PAX loaded up with rucks and sandbags and headed to the amphitheater.

Thang 1: YHC introduced a Kalamazoo, MI workout called the “Chainsaw”. PAX lined up along rock wall and got into an urkin position and shuffled sideways until they reached their mark and then climbed over wall to lunge walk back. Oh sure, you betcha that this was repeated.

Thang 2: PAX partnered up for a Dora.
– 75 hand-release merkins
– 100 Lunges (each leg is one)
– 125 Overhead press
– 150 Bent over rows
– 200 Ruck pulls

The timekeeper was a ruck clean and toss down and a zerker carry back. We didn’t quite make it to the end of the Dora. We were oh so close. No abs were injured during today’s workout.

Announcements: Thanksgiving Convergence @Bandwidth.7A Holiday hours. Pre-ruck @6A. Boiler Room/Red Dawn on Holiday hours @7A. Dec 2 Christmas Party starts @7A Knightdale Station Park with Dirty Santa to follow. Dec 3 is Rolesville Christmas parade. Start at 2P but arrive by 12:30P. Dec 15 is Fellowship Luncheon at Tlaquepaue.

Prayers: Counterfeit’s cousin, Jay-Z’s daughter, Wrigley’s Dad, Prius’ Dad. Safe travels for Thanksgiving. Remember the two words that make up the holiday. Be thankful and giving!!

Thank you for allowing me to lead this morning gentlemen.