Backblast by Dowry (Derrick Wolfe) on 11/17/2023

AO-Bolier Room
Date: 11.17.23
PAX: (24) Curves, Money-Pit, Rimz, Rio, Melamine, Boingo, Waffle House, Play Doh, Patch Adams, Six Pack, EKG, Bilo, Kitty Hawk, Boyz 2 Men, Jay Z, Pierogi, Thingamabob, Counterfeit, Chet, Floppy Disk, Opie, Little Dingy,
FNG: (1) Cow Bell
Q: Dowry

Warm-Up: (Cadence)
Good Mornings / Sir Fazio Arm Circles (Forward & Reverse) / SSH /
Imperial Walkers / Worlds Greatest Stretch – Dowry Mod

Thing 1:
Mosey to the retaining wall at tennis courts.
Grab rock (non traveling)
Balls to wall shoulder taps (cadence)
Wall chairs w/rock over head press & out extensions
Balls to wall Australian Mountain Climber
Wall chairs w/rock American hammer (rock a baby)
Rinse and repeat x 1
Thing 2:
Mosey back to hill at parking lot near post
Chinook Squats (w/pointer fingers NOT opened hands)
Mosey Up Hill and Mosey Back Down
Outlaws (Clockwise & Counter Clockwise)
Bear Crawl Up hill and Mosey Back Down
Bear Crawl Up hill and Back Down
Double Shot of Jackie
Thing 3:
Mosey to side lot near greenway
Rinse & Repeat exercises above w/no run in between
Chinook Squats
Outlaws (Clockwise & Counter Clockwise)
V-Ups x 1 (On my up, in cadence with odd #’s)
Double Shot of Jackie
Thing 4:
Mosey back to flag
Jake Webb’s (1Merkin – 1 arm raise) did 8 total
Motivator/Demotivator – 7 Countdown
• SSH (cadence)
• Calf Raise
• Squats
COT: Have a Nice Day
Announcements: Welcome FNG “Cow Bell”, Lunch today 11:30 at GateHouse (RSVP), Rolesville X/Mas Parade (Get w/ Rio – Frosty to bring tow straps), Thanksgiving Convergence at Max Bandwidth @ 0700 on Thanksgiving Day, Melamine to Q Friday after Thanksgiving at Boiler Room, FriendsGiving at Opie’s house Sat. 2-6 Waffle House to bring a large container of a tasty beverage, Sunday 11.19.23 at 1pm come out to restock seasonal hay bales at a horse farm that Sharkbait’s daughter goes to, Pierogi will be in Wake Forest at the ‘Ol Corner’ Sat for a vendor fair with the Meat Rub Co., Come out and support Heritage’s production of Matilda.
Prayers: 4 Bilo, that dowry comes back to another F3, Boyz2men’s son’s football tourney this weekend and Six Packs daughter, and for all the unspoken prayers.

Thanks for coming out & letting me Q such a fine grp of men! Enjoyed all the laughter we shared in the gloom.