Backblast by Billy Goat on 11/22/2023

AO: Bandwidth
Date: 21-Nov-2023
PAX: Rio, Jingle, Roscoe P, Elton, Melamine, Dumbledore, B&E, Tube Top
Q: Billy Goat

It was all-you-can-HEAT action at Bandwidth with a High Energy Athletic Training session hosted by YHC. Warming up first with SSH, Mountain climber, low squats with knee/hip flexion, windmills and Willie mays Hayes, the Pax moseyed to the suck blocks.

For preheating the oven, the HIM performed 3 rounds of 15 LR step-ups, 15 Mountain Climbers (in cadence), 15 box jumps and a set of wind sprints. Moving next to the back of a beat up crossover SUV, the Pax were treated to fresh, warm coupons. The Pax circled up for block swings, SQRL to press to tricep extension, hip to halo, goblet squats, and deadlifts.

The Pax rifle carried, Farmer’s Carioca’d, and moseyed with the CMUs back to the suck blocks for a round of heavy step ups, block heads, heavy WW2, Lunges, leg lifts, curls, tricep extensions and bridged chest press. With deliberate slow count reps, time flew to 0612 when the blocks were stored and the HIM circled up without further ado.

Thanksgiving Convergence at Max Bandwidth (0700) with a beautiful finish up on Mt. Trashmore. Don’t miss it!

Prayers for safe travels for all those visiting family and friends this Thanksgiving season. YHC is thankful for Thingamabob’s leadership and fellowship showing up with a stiff knee just to take us out at COT.