Backblast by Floppy Disk (Tom Neal) on 04/08/2023

Date: 4/7/2023
AO: Red Dawn
Q: Floppy Disk
PAX (6 Total): Phunny, Ham, Gilmore, Jack Jack, Chicken Hawk
Warm-Up (by Thingamabob with Boiler Room PAX): SSH, Good Mornings, Hillbillys, Sir Fazios, Merkins

Create mini-kracken with 6 sandbags (3 60lb & 3 40lb) connected with carabiners and carry it down to the soccer field.

The following was supposed to be a 14 min AMRAP, but no one completed it in 14 mins.

60 Sandbag Burpee Deadlift
50 Sandbag Leg Raises
40 Sandbag Thrusters
30 Sandbag Cleans
20 Merkins with Sandbag Pull Through (left & right) between each merkin.

Ruck back up and mosey over to the Boiler Room PAX hiding under the ticket area overhang trying to stay dry.

10 man-makers with ruck in the rain

Join Boiler Room PAX for last 3 stations of the cross (20 count of merkins, zombie crunches, squats). Red Dawn PAX completed the exercises with rucks.

Mosey back to the flag for COT where Thingamabob lead us in prayer for Good Friday.

Thank you for the past 11 years of F3! You men are the reason I continue to push myself.