Backblast by Iverson (Jerod) on 04/08/2023

AO clarion
Q Iverson
Pax (11) bodette, deez fools, gutter ball, kubota, kung fu panda, stairway, Sharkbait, Stryper, Tarzan, sgt hulka,

Warmup:SSH, good mornings, imperial walkers

The Thang:
10 Easter Eggs in a basket. Pax rotates drawing one and doing said exercise.
Kit Kat : 20 opollo Ohno’s
Skittles : Carolina dry dock x10 per skittle
Jelly beans: flutter kicks x10 per bean

Depending pull-ups / jump overs
Murder bunnies
Curls / squat thrusters
Ascending box jumps / dips
Motor city shuffle
Relay race DORA
plank circuit / plank jacks
Burpee 180 deg broad hops

COT: message to serve one another
expectant mothers
Q source: contentment

Happy Easter weekend to those celebrating
Great push men! Good to be back out ITG
Be leader of love – Iverson out