Backblast by F3 Phunny on 09/22/2023

Back to back Backblasts! (say that 7 times fast…)

Cup-a-Joe, Thursday 9/21: 6 pax met in the gloom for another simple yet crushing Joe Baker workout. 2 rounds of the following:
• 400m ruck (30-45#)+ sandbag (40-60#) carry
• 400m ruck carry
• 800m run (no weight)
• 20 reps sandbag clean to overhead press
• 20 reps ruck + sandbag squat
• 20 resp ruck merkins
Red Dawn, Friday 9/22: 7 pax were again in the gloom because the gloom calls us from our nice warm beds… Comfort is a lie!

After a tag team warm up with Little Dinghy (and light trolling of Thingamabob’s Q mannerisms), the ruckers broke out to set up operations at the basketball court. The Dora was simple and challenging:
• 100 ruck overhead presses
• 200 ruck LBC’s
• 300 ruck step ups
• Travel: move around both basketball courts with ruck, carrying the sandbag anyway except on the shoulders (farmer’s carry, bear hug, Zurcher, overhead, etc.)
After the Dora, we returned to the start point for 3 rounds of ruck overhead lunges (10 reps).
COT with the bootcampers of Boiler Room.