Backblast by Little Dinghy (Jim Amy) on 09/22/2023

Boiler Room (9/22/2023) – Merry Merkin Madness :melting_face:
Pax: 13 (plus 8 Ruckers) including Jay-Z, Curves, Bi-Lo, So High, Rio, Melamine, Spit Valve, Opie, Patch Adams, Floppy Disk, Methol, Thingamabob, Green Thumb, Chicken Hawk, EKG, Char-Grill, Flush, Counterfeit, Phunny, visitor Mia Hamm, and YHC :boat::anchor:
Warmup included SSH, Good Mornings, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, and Willy Mays Heys.
See attached diagram for workout.
Moseyed back to flag and arrived at 6:15 (no time for Mary). Have a nice day!
Name-o-rama, Announcements: Road Cleanup on Sept 30 (talk to Rio). Prayers for Rio’s family as his Aunt Bea passed away in a bus accident in New York yesterday. Prayers for family of another woman killed in the accident along with healing for those injured. Prayers of peace and reliance on the Lord for Jay-Z’s (?) friend Francis, who is in his last week or so of life.