Backblast by EKG (______) on 11/10/2023

Sixth-year anniversary Q. I’d love to say it was an original Q, but it’s a recycled Q with breaks for 6 burpees. Welcome FNGs Chapter 11, Utz, and Cow Punch. 27 total. 24 at Boiler Room, 2 at Red Dawn, and 1 solo runner (Tom Neal) following us around.
Side Straddle Hop
Good Mornings
Sir Fazio
Imperial Squat Walkers
Mosey to the first set of rocks on the greenway with a stop for 6 burpees. Set of 3. Curls to fatigue and then lunge walk to the end of the bridge and mosey back.
Mosey to the next bridge with a stop for burpees. Set of 3. Ten Mike Tyson’s and 30 single-count LBCs.
Mosey to rock pile between the soccer field and softball field with a stop for burpees. Set of 3. Triceps to fatigue and 20 sumo squats.
Mosey across the practice field to save time. Then sprint from the end of the parking lot to the flag.
FNG Chapter 11 via Dowry (Kristina Wolfe). FNGs Utz and Cow Punch via Playdoh (Joshua Herring)
Prayers for Chet’s cataract surgery, as well as Melamine (Chad Griffin) and his family as they put down their dog today.