Backblast by Elton (Tim) on 11/09/2023

AO: Max Bandwidth
Date: 11/9/2023
Count: 16
Q: Elton (Tim)
PAX: Ham (Chris Schafer), Tube Top (Matt Boretti), Rosco P (Rich O’Donnell), Squeaks (Neal), Snoopy (Barron Holland), Snickle, BTS, Taster’s Choice, Billy Goat, Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni), Dowry (Derrick Wolfe), F3 Poncharello (Aaron Denn), willrray , Joshua Gentry, Dig Dug.

Warm-Up: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Sir Fazio (For/Rev), Merkins, Stretch, Mountain Climbers.

PAX Moseyed to the base of Mt. Trashmore to perform a set of hill repeats that included the following:
◦ 1/4 mile run up Mt. Trashmore with 100 ft. elevation gain
◦ Return to bottom with 10 each of Burpees, Outlaws, Merkins, Bobby Hurley’s, and Side Crunches evenly spaced down the hill.
Repeat OYO for 25 mins.

Infidel volunteered to answer the 3 questions as part of “Human in November”. Thank you.

Prayers and Praise: Billy Goat and M, Roscoe P’s daughter in school, Poncharello’s friend with divorce, Ham’s grandmother, and all the expectant mothers out there.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.