Backblast by Tarzan on 11/11/2023

AO: Clarion
Date: 11/11/2023
Count: 10
Q: Tarzan

Trey Fussell (Bill Nye), Neo , Elmer Fudd, Gilmore (Jim T) , Deez Foolz (Tyler Beacham), snappy (sam), Stairway, Kelly Barnes, Kung Fu Panda, Kubota (Brandon Long)

Today was the day to win the John Henry Hammer Award.
Points were awarded throughout the workout.

The Thang:
#1. We finished the last round of Mike Tysons that we could not get to two weeks ago, when I last had the Q. We did 10 sets of 5 burpees for a total of 50 burpees, with Deez Fools and Bill Nye doing 10 sets of 10, for a total of 100 burpees.
They were each awarded 400 points.
Stairway and Snappy each won 200 points

#2 The Stairway to Heaven. A bearcrawl suicide that begins when the song, Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, begins and ends when the song ends.
Kung Fu Panda won 600 points

#3 Stairs.
Pair up. One man runs up and down the stairs while the other does an exercise. Each set is done when each man runs up and down the stairs twice. The exercises:
Calf raises
Deez Fools and Kung Fu Panda each won 800 points.

#4 Dorita
200 American Hammers (each side is 1)
200 Star Jumps
Stairway won 600 points.

Mary, The John Henry Hammer Award Ceremony, Announcements and Prayer.

The John Henry Hammer Award does not necessarily go to the Pax who finishes first or accrues the most points. It goes to the Pax who shows intangible qualities, such as perseverance, focus, steadfastness, & determination, even after falling down or getting knocked down (figuratively speaking). With these qualities, he always moves forward.

Subsequently, this year the John Henry Hammer Award was awarded to Kubota (Brandon Long)

Congratulations Kubota!