Backblast by ToolTime (Dave Calverley) on 10/13/2022

AO : Darkknight
Q: Tool Time
Pax: Klinger, stairway, soft trail, head nurse.

WARM UP: SSH, Imp Walkers, sir fazio, windmill, shoulder taps, flutter kicks.

WOD: mosey to rock pile, rock toss work out: throw rock, bearcrawl to rock, do 30 lbc, throw rock repeat until end. Throw rock back, lunge ot squat walk to rock, hand release merkins. At end return rock. Avg 5-6 throws in each direction. Mosey to next spot. L/R step ups, dips, flutters and preachers chair. 2 rounds. Mosey to new rock pile. 2 rounds each. Curls, tri-extentsion, bent over row, oh press. Mosey back to flag.

Announcements and cot.