Backblast by Kitty Hawk on 10/17/2022

24 PAXs this morning at Agoge (with a little rain) for the greatest hits of my past 12 months at F3.
After the usual NE Wake warm-up, we grabbed a water-filled milk jug (Little Dingy) and mosied over to the stone benches for phase 1:
20 Fire Hydrants (F3 Atlanta)
20 Crab Cakes (Crabpot)
Slow Count Elevated Pickle Pointers (F3 Nashville)
Flying Squirrels (I think Green Thumb?)

Mosied to the front of the Chapel. In honor of Billy Goat’s workout creativity, we had the Rocks, Paper, Scissors challenge. After your battle with a random opponent, the loser took a lap and added 3 burpees. The winner went to the station of their winning element and completed the assigned exercise. The winner would be whoever completed all 9 exercises first.
25 Curls
25 Bent over rows
25 Tricep extensions

25 Standard Merkins
25 Hand Release Merkins
25 Diamond Merkins

25 Freddy Mercury’s (in honor of Floppy Disk)
25 LBCs
25 Hello Dollys

The 1st place prize was contested between Floppy and Thing-A-Ma-Bob. After the battle royale, Floppy became the champion.

With just enough time to spare, we honored Phunny with a jog to the traffic circle to show oncoming traffic what monkey humpers looked like. We did not receive any honks.

Honorable mention to Ascot for his battlefield workout. But I wasn’t able to fit that in today. Maybe next time!