Backblast by Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott) on 09/22/2022

Excalibur’s Backblast is same as SpitValve’s with 9 pax total, with one of them being a fng EH’ed by Pongo. I would like to welcome Desk Jockey into the NE Wake F3. We had 2 mall walkers with Cousteau and SGT @dconnellyud (still recovering from ridiculous amount of fire ant bites from playing duck,duck, goose on the Deacon). He blames his pastor for that, what kind of person blames his pastor?
Deez Foolz led the way at 33 minutes and some second despite the Q giving them a loop more than 400 meters. Who blames for the Q for something like that? YHC coming in behind him under 40 minutes. Bill Nye, Qoboda, Lucky, Pongo, Desk Jockey finish out with blocks or modifications. Great push, men!