Backblast by Tarzan on 12/29/2022

AO: Excalibur
Pax: Hubert, Snappy, Iverson, Deez Fools, Sgt. Hulka, Cousteau, Sharkbait, Swoosh, Rubiks, Kubota, Tarzan
Q: Tarzan

This was my 3rd Q and I tried to step this one up from my 2nd Q because my suspicions about it were confirmed by a fellow Pax who stated “it was pretty easy.” I think I succeeded because I heard some grumblings from Hubert ( Travis), but I think he was just frustrated trying to keep up with an old-timer (me).

Warm-Ups: SSH. Good Mornings, Willy Mays Hays, Runner Stretch

The Thang:
Mosey to rock pile to select a traveling coupon.

Mosey with coupon to nearest hill to do a Dora, with one Pax running and his partner doing a segment of the exercises below, all with coupon:

200 triceps extensions
250 heavy squats
300 curls

Next we did a 21, which is the similar to a 7, but we go up (and down) in increments of 2 with the coupon. We did heavy American hammers on one side and heavy WWIIs on the other side, but couldn’t finish due to time constraint.

We heavy-lunge walked part of the way back to the rock pile, stopping at every 2nd light pole to do 20 merkins. We ended up doing 60 merkins total. We then moseyed the rest of the way to the rock pile.

After returning our rocks to the rock pile, we moseyed back to the flag where we were 2 minutes late, which was my fault. I’m chalking that up to inexperience and learned to focus on time management in future Q’s.

A big shout out to the Pax who came out this morning. Great working out you men.