Backblast by Yoda (Royce) on 12/28/2022

Urban Jungle
Q showed up for the 15min UJ Vortex led each week ground n pound with running pre. 5 pax’s joined the fun most confused that the workout had already started. :rollingon_the_floorlaughing: Welcome then wind mill x8 then worlds greatest stretch. Count off =11 and W let everyone know we were celebrating Bike Shorts bday today (49) and Don’t Fix It yesterday (40). Celebration to follow.
Headed to the 7 floor parking deck. Stop n drop burpees to corresponding floor number to the top equals 27 burpees. Flutter kicks while we wait for the six.
Take stairs down split into 2 native peoples groups. Take the tunnel stop wall work peoples chair with raise the roof cadence x20.
Peking native peoples to stair work . 1st run 22 flights up n down. Ab work wait for 6. Round two 23 flights AB work wait for 6.
Native people stop and do bench work
2 sets 20 dips 15 squats .
Run NP groups stop again wall work peoples chair wirh seal claps x20.
NP home
Bike Shorts called plank bday merkins x49 Don’t Fix it called plank 10 counts around the circle.
Prayers up
Q this Yoda wanted to remind pac about honoring one another and that this is a discipline of practiced presence we need to live out in F3 the community and greater world.
Also celebrated Bike Shorts and Don’t Fix It . Thankful for these men their leadership and brotherhood. Happy Bday.
Took us out in a prayer.
Cake fruit and water bday party
An honor my brothers great work !!