Backblast by Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott) on 08/24/2023

AO: Excalibur
Date: 8/24/23
Pax: Bill Nye, Cousteau, Deez Foolz, Hubert, Johnny 5, Kubota, Lucky, MoonShine, Petri, SGT Hulka, Swoosh.
Q: Sharkbait/Deez Foolz

The, Standard disclaimer, mission, and values were declared and warm up commenced.
25 SSH, 10 good mornings, 10 IW, 10 hill Billy’s, downward dog stretching, 10 IC Mtn Climbers, runners stretching, and slow rise from deep squat.

Thang 1
Mosey for a morning call of pull-ups beginning with 10 then descend by 2 till finished with murkins, ww2, squats, raise the roofs, and flutter kicks mixed in.

Thang 2
Mosey to rock pile for 30 kettlebell swings, 20 curls, and 10 squat thrusters. Return rocks and mosey back to pavilion to be led by the capable direction of Deez Foolz.

Thank 3: CMUs were brought out for the belt challenge and to remind us of Ironpax’s arrival. The course involved running to road and come back to push out 25 squat thrusters and 25 burpee over blocks. Murder bunny to the second tree so we could do 25 more squat thrusters and burpee over blocks. Finish by running or ambling back to the pavilion. YHC reclaimed the Excalibur belt after about 5 years. I’m now campaigning for a new name of George Foreman.