Backblast by Billy Goat on 08/24/2023

AO: Quarantine
Pax: Tube Top, Oscar Mayer, Charbroil, Thingamabob, Kindergarten Cop, Spit Valve, Rio, Pierogi, BTS, Money Pit, Money Ball, Commander, White Flag, Doughboy, Roscoe P
Q: Billy Goat

Warmarama: SSH, GM, Imperial Squat Walkers, Itsamees (single arm plank to woo hoo! Lunge jump). Next the Pax ran to Hendrick Center for Automotive Excellence and performed 15 Wario Merkins (diamond merkins with hands in a W :raised_hands::skin-tone-3: ), 20 pipe squats (narrow squats approximating travel through a green pipe), and 20 Koopa Troopas (backscratchers). The ME started with a “flyover” of the Mario Krate course. Crates were then loaded with 70-80 lbs of rocks and lined up at the starting line. The Pax each took a non-traveling rock and met in the center island.

Mario Krate Rules:
3-4 Pax per team: One Pax pushes the crate while the other 2-3 do rock work as listed below.
10 Tricep Extensions
15 Shoulder Presses
20 Goblet Squats
25 Curls
30 Swings
25 Bentover Rows
20 Alternating Forward Lunges
15 Simbas (swing to overhead press)
10 Rockiees (burpee with overhead press)
Repeat in reverse (bottom to top)
Pax rotate (each Pax must push!!) when their team’s crate reaches a cone (~60 yds apart).
Both Pax do three Penalty Burpees for leaving the rock work early or for continuing to push past the cone.
Weapons can be picked up along the course. Projectile hits result in 5 burpees OR 5 crate deadlifts OR 5 crate rows (dealer’s choice).
Mines require 10 swings (bob-ombs) or 10 LBCs (peels).
Crate collisions result in penalty exercises for the progress impeding driver.

The target was five laps total though four was really pushing it!! The hijinks were at a peak with plenty of smiles to go around. The final all out drag race was too close to call. All racers won a sweat drenched outfit for the drive home!

Special thanks to Kindergarten Cop and the Lollipop Guild for so many consecutive appearances at Bandwidth this summer.

Great work, men!