Backblast by Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott) on 03/02/2023

Site: Excalibur
Q: Sharkbait
Pax: Kubota
Weather: sporadic downpour 59°
Warmup: 20 ssh, 20 IW, 10 Good Mornings, downward dog, runner stretch , deep squat, Willy May Hayes with sir Fazio arm circles both directions.
Skateboard workout with jump ropes while listening to my “Irish blessings” playlist. It’s March, the month of St Patrick’s Day!
One pax does a set of exercises with skate board while the other jump ropes until the set is accomplished and then flip flop. Sets focused on chest, legs, and Abs.
10 narrow SB muricans, 10 staggered SB squats, 15 Homer to Marge SB, 10 wide SB muricans, 10 opposite leg staggered SB Squats, 15 jack knife SB, 10 staggered SB muricans per a side, 10 side SB lunges, 10 ab rollouts, 10 muricans with SB step up, 10 reverse lunges, 10 SB Mountain climbers (the only foot on SB is the only one contacting the ground), 10 chest flys with Both hands on a different SB, 10 jumps over 2 SB, 10 one-handed balanced SB row. Then 2 sets of pax’s choice.
Moleskin: the early morning lightening and thunder must have scared off the pax but by the time 5:30 came there was only rain. Thankful for Kubota’s presence to push me this morning. His first time out was a Skateboard workout so it was a chance to feel the difference of committed presence in out F3 workouts the last several. months.