Backblast by Ham (Chris Schafer) on 03/02/2023

Site: Max Bandwidth
Q: Ham
Pax: Counterfeit, Tik Tok, B&E, Elton, Spitvalve, Rio, Roscoe P

Warm up: SSH /Good Mornings / Willy Mayes Hayes / Hiney Ps / Quad Stretch/ Sir Fazio’s

Today Pax tackled the “Breaking Point” WOD, with small modifications. Pax began the workout and warmup directly in cover

The workout was EMOM style with every 1 minute 5 reps of an exercise interrupted the main event. See rounds below:

Round 1:
50 Burpees (Every 1 minute do 5 Merkins)
50 Merkins (Every 1 Minute do 5 Burpees)

Round 2:
50 Jump Squats (Every 1 minute do 5 Hand Release Merkins)
50 Hand Release Merkins (every 1 minute do 5 Jump Squats)

Round 3:
50 single count jump lunges (Every 1 minute do 5 WWII’s)
50 WWII (Every 1 minute do 5 single count jump Lunges)

With time to spare PAX partnered up to tackle 90 merkins and 180 squats. Q and Pax then called Mary in rotating fashion for last 5 minutes

Continued prayers for Felix and Jeffrey, as well as the Raleigh Orchestra’s performance tomorrow night.

Thanks for letting me lead you in the gloom