Backblast by Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott) on 02/15/2024

Backblast! Runaway Mule

AO: Excalibur
Q: Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott)
PAX: American Dad, Hulka (Don Connelly), Jack Ryan (David Foster), Kubota (Brandon Long), Tarzan, Trey Fussell (Bill Nye)
FNGs: None
Count: 7

YHC got the text late Wednesday evening that Lucky may not feel so Lucky so I was put on notice with the promise that Lucky would take one my Q’s. So the wheels started turning to create this setup.
SSH, Hill Billy’s, IW, Mosey around with High Knees, karaokes, butt kickers, and more Karaokes, good mornings, runner stretches, deep squat and slow rise ups.
Introduced the mule as the person who carries all our stuff including the 50 lb+ ruck bag with phone, speaker, cornhole bags, and Tic Tac toe board. The Mule will fast shuffle along the path to destinations while rest of the pax will do 3 absolutions then as a group sprint to catch the Mule. The Mule rotates until we get to final destination. First destination was, of course, morning call of pull-ups with squats and flutter kicks as we descended down by 2 with the start of 10 pull-ups.
Runaway Mule around park until we got to hill where we played tic tac toe with 3 bags per a team. First round was 10 muricans, hill run, then 5 squat thrusters 50+ lbs ruck bag then make 1 move while waiting team members did squats. Second round changed the moves to 10 WW2, hill run, 10 bent over rows then move while waiting team planks it out.
Runaway mule back for COT and no Mary required
Road cleanup on 2/24, lunch on Friday, convergence and 5k on 3/16 at Excalibur. Q-source on Saturday
Prayer for Peat Moss and those who have lost grandmothers. Shout out to American Dad who is showing integrity in his commitment to workout more.

Runaway Mule