Backblast by Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni) on 09/13/2023

Date: 9/13/23

AO: Quarantine

Q: Rio

Pax: 9. Play Doh, Pierogi, Emoji, Lucky, Kindergarten Cop, Roscoe P, Money Pit, Dry Rub, YHC

For the first time in my 97 Q’s, I lead, without the benefit of something written down somewhere.
Simple warm-up as we waited for a couples to join us. 10 SSH, 6 Good Morning, 10 Imperial Walkers, & 10-10 Sir Fazio.

Mosey to the Central clock tower area where we performed 20 Irkins, 20 Dips, then 10-10 respectively.
Moseyed to the far west hill where we did a Flush Style 5’s of Jump Squats & Calf Raises.
Another short jog over to the soft grass area to mimic Pawnee’s 7 minutes of Abs he will be leading on Saturday.
Climbed up to parking deck 2, where we did descending Burpee sprints, 5-4-3-2-1.
Stopped along sleepy Hollow bridge to do some Durkin’s, and L-R Step Ups, and back to the rockpile near the flag, where we finished with some time under tension, rock movements.
10-5 Curls, Goblet Squats, Overhead Press (collar to window), & Bent Rows.
We ended right on time, and we’re already at the flag. We were able to work, upper body, legs, AB, and cardio.
Prayer for the mental well being of a good friend of Lucky’s. Praise for Play Doh earning his PHD. He’s now Dr. Doh to you!