Backblast by Green Thumb (Ray Perry) on 09/12/2023

AO: The Corral

Q: GreenThumb
PAX: 6 (Gilmore, Chick Hawk, Prius, Phunny, Jay-Z)

Warm up: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Willie Mays Hayes, Good Mornings, Chinooks, Ospreys, & Sir Fazios
Ruck up, Bag up for ½ mile heavy carry to main event

Main Event: Dora, 100 ruck merkins, 200 ruck LBC (sc), 300 ruck squats.
Movement: 50 yards (out and back) heavy carry with ruck. PAX choice of carry except sandbag cannot be over the back or shoulder.
This left time for some ruck Mary of Halos, Heavy LSF, V-Ups and Homer to Marge.

Announcements a plenty:
Friday Luncheon at Prime BBQ, Knightdale. Arrive early if you can
Friday Pre-Deacon 2nd Meet and Greet with Dark Helmet and Slaughter. Bud’s Tavern 6-8:00 pm
Saturday The Deacon, IYKYK (Bring canned or bagged dry food for Try-Area Ministry)
Saturday Post Deacon 2nd F at Norse Brewery
Sept 30 (Saturday) NEWake Quarterly Roadside Clean-up

Prayers for those on or coming back from IR and families in Morocco and Maui.