Backblast by F3 Phunny on 09/14/2023

Cup-a-Joe Backblasts!
I have become sloppy in my old age with completing backblasts, and so I wanted to take this opportunity to let pax know about the strong work being done at the Cup-a-Joe AO. These workouts come from Joe Baker ipse and as you can see, they are simple but quite challenging.

This morning’s 9/14 beatdown:
• 15 AMRAP
◦ 20 ruck thrusters
◦ 20 bent over ruck rows
◦ Repeat for 15 minutes
◦ 1 mile ruck for time
Last Thursday 9/7 beatdown:
• 5 rounds for time:
◦ 50 ruck over head walking lunges
◦ 20 burpees (no ruck)
◦ “…emotional damage…”
The Thursday before that 8/31 beatdown:
• 30-minute AMRAP followed by cool-down ruck
◦ 50M Ruck Bear Crawl Sandbag Drag
◦ Ruck 100M Fast
◦ 10 Sandbag Front Squat
◦ Ruck 100M Fast
◦ 10 Sandbag Clean to Press
◦ Rest up to 1 Minute