Backblast by Menthol (Joel Cade) on 03/10/2023

AO: Boiler Room
Date: 3/10/2023
PAX: 20 not limited to Opie, Ham Bone, Tube Top, Little Dinghy, Cricket, BiLo, The Dude, Jack-Jack, Boingo, Money Pit, Jay-Z, Rio, Periogie, Prius, Squeaks, Hobo (FNG), .. (sorry if I missed folks!)
Q: Menthol
Theme: Spot the Spot!

Mini Q-school was in session as PAX split up into 4 groups of 5 and did a ring-a-round-the-Q for warm-up, each PAX leading a warmup exercise.

The groups stayed together as they were handed a stack of cards identifying spots in the parking lot. A card was chosen by the group at random, the group traveled to the spot, completed the exercise, then returned to the original circle. At each of the 16 spots an exercise or instruction was provided from the following list:
• 40 Jump Squats
• 30 Carolina Dry-docks
• Run to the top of Floppy’s Hill
• 5 Diamon Merkins + 10 Wide Merkins + 20 Merkins
• 20 WWIII’s (1 WWI + 1 WWII = 1 WWIII)
• 20 Burpees
• Burpee-Broad Jump to a few spaces away and back
• 5 Jack Webbs (1 Merkin + 4 Raise-the-Roof = 1, 2 Merkins + 8 Raise-the-Roof = 2, etc.)
• Run to two specified distant parking spots
• Suicides across a few spots
• 25 J-Lows
• 25 Outlaws
• Walking Lunge & Twist to a few spots away and back
• 50 Calf Raises
• 40 LBC’s
• Bear Crawl to a nearby space and Crab Walk back
PAX were able to finish about 12 of the 16 cards before it was time for Duck-Duck-Mary.

46 birthday burpees and welcoming FNG Hobo finished the workout. COT with prayers for lots of folks.’

Thanks guys!