Backblast by Gilmore (Jim T) on 03/13/2023

Site: The Farm
Q: Gilmore
PAX: Melamine, Fish Stick, Six Pack, Flush, Bill Nye, Floppy, Lucky, Hambone

Warmup: We did a warm up consisting of the usual SSH, Hillbillies, and Willie Mays. YHC tried a new on the PAX – Good Morning Sir Fazio. It was met with luke warm acceptance.

Thing: PAX were instructed they were trying to help Billy Madison complete school. The process involved one pax leading a 12-count exercise and then we ran a lap to graduate from Kindergarten. Next an additional PAX called a 12-count exercise and then we did the 1st PAX’s exercise and ran a lap to graduate from first grade. The plan was to pass 12th grade. We did a little better than Dark Knight and made it past 10th grade. Due to the PAX hard work, we pulled a “Young Sheldon” and tested out of 11th and 12th grade.

K – Stair Climbers
1st – Imperial Walkers
2nd – Sumo Squats
3rd – Freddy Mercuries
4th – American Hammer
5th – Merkins
6th – WWII
7th – Shoulder Taps
8th – Bobby Hurley
9th – Some ice skating things that hambone called
10th – SSH
11th – Something
12th – Something else

Announcements: Reminder that Mar 18 Clarion and the Farm closed and we’ll be meeting at 7A at Knightdale Station Park for a convergence and then PAX will participate in the Pot of Gold 5K immediately following. Looking at a rucking AO on Tuesday at Joyner Park.

Prayers: for those injured, kid who goes to Six Pack’s church who needs a kidney transplant, for Geoffrey.

Thank you for the push gentlemen and allowing me to lead you in the gloom!