Backblast by Little Dinghy (Jim Amy) on 05/08/2023

Agoge (5/8/2023)
Pax: 24 including Kitty Hawk, Boyz-to-Men, Oscar Mayer, Prius, Floppy Disk, Squeeks, Boingo, Money Pit, Gilmore, Jak-Jak, Flush, Bi-Lo, Thingamabob, Spit Valve, Rio, Housekeeping, Curves, 4 FNGs (Reverse Mortgage, Bob Ross, Pawnee, and Dan-O), and YHC
Warmup included SSH, Good Mornings, and Imperial Walkers.
Each Pax grabbed 2 milk jugs, paired off, and we moseyed over to the Student Center steps for one round up and down. We then set up in pairs at Carson Hall for a DORA. 1 Pax completed 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 overhead claps while the other Pax took all 4 milk jugs for a run to the far side of Carson Hall, completed 5 burpees and then completed circuit to relieve the first Pax. Groups that finished first were tasked with helping out those who were still finishing up.
We moseyed over to the benches for a modified DORA of 100 Step-Ups (single count), 100 arm raises, and 100 bent-over rows (each with 2 milk jugs) while other Pax ran over to the steps at Binkley Chapel and back. Groups that finished first were tasked with helping out those who were still finishing up.
Moseyed back to flag for and arrived at 6:15 (no time for Mary). Good work, men!
Name-o-rama, Announcements: Fellowship Lunch (May 19), Brew Ruck (May 20), Murph/Memorial Day Convergence (6A/7A) at Clarion, Boys and Girls Club assist (May 12, 19, 26). Praise for the 4 FNGs that showed as a result of our Meet-on-the-Street event (thanks for heavy lifting by Green Thumb and Gilmore on setting up and breaking down), prayers safe delivery of baby for Josh and Nicole (Floppy’s son and DIL), for Jeffrey’s continued recovery (Floppy’s SIL), prayers for peace in Ukraine, prayers for those searching for jobs (Kitty Hawk and Gutter Helmet), Hebrews 12:11, “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”