Backblast by Stryper (Clay) on 05/07/2023

Clarion 5-6-23
55 and Sunny
Q: Stryper
PAX 11: Deez Foolz, Stairway, Tarzan, Hooper, Luigi, Bodette, Bill Nye, Muggsy, Kung Fu Panda, Sgt Hulka

Short Jog
Arm Circles, Reverse
Good mornings
Imperial walkers
60 second plank

The Thangs: For each time Carlos was dropped 5 burpees were performed

2 rounds
Mosey to rock pile – traveling rock
Overhead shoulder press
Front raises
Goblet squat
American hammers
Kettlebell swing
Alternating hand planks
Rock and stair work while partner does abs

Track work

Sideline to sideline 7s

Announcements: VQ Week, Respect Week, Meet on Main, Memorial Day convergence at Clarion

Prayer request: Ham/M and new baby, Stryper/M and baby to come, Luigi finals and eagle project