Backblast by Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni) on 05/23/2023


AO: Bandwidth

Q: Rio

Pax: Spit Valve. Hambone. Melamine. Elton. Pierogi. B&E. Billy :goat: Goat. Crunchie. Runoff. Change Order. Elton. Boss Hog. 5 Hole. Mr. Belding. Curves.

Today’s workout was dedicated to pancreatic Cancer awareness, and the music of pancreatic cancer victim, Andy Rourke, bassist for The Smiths. When I say, he said, I mean loud. Like, nobody could hear the Q loud. Perfect.

Warm Up:
10 SSH. 9 Good Mornings. 10 Imperial Walkers.

Mosey towards Trashmore gate: 25 LBC (IC) & 25 Low Slow Flutters.

Continue on to path tracing Trashmore.
20 Dips, (Grab Rocks) 20 Goblet Squats. 20 Quick Feet (IC). 20 Bent Rows. 20 Heavy Homer to Marge. 20 Irkins.

Next we ran the long leg towards Stonehenge where we completed a set of Double 5’s.
4 Box Cutters- 1 WW2 at the bottom, 1 Star Jump – 4 Bobby Hurley’s at the top. Invert the two numbers each trip up and down the hill.

Finished at the top of the hill where we grabbed rocks & did two sets 20 & 10 of the following for movements. Curls. Overhead Press. Bent Rows. Triceps Extensions.

Finally, we rushed back to the flag covering the .9 mile.
A total of 310 repetitions, 2.75 miles competed.

Great push today, everyone.

Anyone looking at this does the announcements, prayers for Jay Z’s uncle, finding a cure for pancreatic cancer, & also healing and recovery for all those out there in need.