Backblast by Ham (Chris Schafer) on 10/16/2023

Site: Agoge
Q: Ham
19 Pax including FNG Skinny Fat!

Warm up: Good Morning / Willy Mayes Hayes / SSH /Merkins / Mountain Climbers

Thang 1: Mosey to Small Hill on back side of the Main Quad. PAX took on a 5minute EMOM to continue warming up. Every Minute on the Minute, PAX ran to the top of the hill and performed 10 single count lunges and 5 merkins. PAX returned to base of hill and held a squat hold until the next minute started.

Thang 2: ON the same hill, PAX took on a set of 7’s. No cheat merkins on the top of the hill with ironpax favorite Jillian Michaels making a return at the base of the hill.

Thang 3: Diego –
50 Burpees
100 Hand Release Merkins
150 4 Count Flutter Kicks
200 Squats
250 L/R Mountain Climbers
300 Overhead Claps

Returned to Flag for COT

Prayers for ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine and for Money Pit and his wife as they expect their third (i think) child in the coming days.

Thanks for letting me lead you in the gloom

Thanks for coming out SkinnyFat! Hope to see you at more workouts soon