Backblast by Billy Goat on 10/14/2023

F3: Four Goatsmen of the Apocalypse

AO: The Farm

Date: 14-Oct-2023

PAX: Flush, Cricket, Boingo, Bill Nye, Beaker (FNG), Moonshine, Gilmore

Q: Billy Goat

6 Pax and 2 Mall Ruckers beared down on the doom and gloom of a soggy session of The Farm. Warmarama included SSH, GM, Imperial Walkers, Sir Fazio Arm Circles, Merkins, and Mountain Climbers. The Pax moseyed to shelter for one of the only dry portions of the workout. YHQ called Left-Right Step Ups, Erkins, Derkins, and Jerkins (i.e. spiderweb dusting inverted rows on the underside of the tables) for 2 rounds.

Moving to the field for the ME, YHQ introduced the first “goatsman,” WAR. Lining up 3 v. 3, the Pax performed 5 World’s Worst Merkins, 10 Lt. Dans, and 15 WW2s at each cone for three sets total. At mid field, the Pax engaged 1:1 in resisted pushes (like Slaughter’s Deacon workout) between the two closest cones.

Next up, PESTILENCE featured a plague of Froggers. One of YHQ’s favorite inventions pits “frogs” against “cars” with frogs moving via left, right, forward, backward gorilla walks and “cars” sprinting as cross traffic. Squished frogs executed five “Froggie crunches” while sprinters performed five alligator merkins. The two Pax then switched positions and all carried on until time was called (run time of “Edge of Seventeen”). An additional plague of Killer Bees was added with the PAX Bear crawling ~3/4 of the field before turning and Broad jumping back with three Burpees added every three broad jumps.

FAMINE struck next with teams of two swapping between running the outside loop (Partner 1) and Partner 2 staying put with 25 jump ropes (in cadence), 25 mountain climbers (in cadence), and 25 Freddie Mercuries (in cadence) on repeat.

The rain increased at this point turning the Pax back to the path to confront DEATH in the form of a Bataan Death March/Crawl. The Six dropped for 3 burpees while the line of PAX alternated between lunge walks and bear crawls. The Six carried the speaker to the front of the line while the new six dropped for his burpees. The sloppiness was surprisingly chipper which YHQ fully attributes to loud music drowning out the mumble chatter.

At 0751, YHQ called time and the Pax reverted to moseying back to the flag. With one last tribute to this FELLOWSHIP OF MEN, YHQ expounded upon the benefits of four years with F3. THANK YOU, ALL!!!!

Announcements a plenty including the Fellowship luncheon on Friday at Pickled Onion and an interfaith holiday celebration at Boingo’s church (see Boingo for details).

Prayers for Bill Nye’s grandmother and for safety for the Tuna team.

Welcome to FNG: Beaker!!!

Great Work, HIM!