Backblast by Gilmore (Jim T) on 01/03/2023

AO: Agoge
PAX: 28
Q: Gilmore

In celebrating the first Q of 2023, YHC reminded all of the PAX their goal for today’s workout was to be thinking about a word that will guide your goals and intentions for 2023. Following a warm-up of Sir Fazios, Good mornings, Willie Mays Hayes, and Mountain climbers, the PAX headed off on their first thang of 2023 at Holding Park.

YHC lead the PAX through a revised Dora. Each PAX paired up, however, you stay with your partner during the entire set and at the next Dora, you’d repeat but with a different partner. The goal was to encourage connecting with other PAX and some communication and team work.

Dora 1 – 100 merkins, 200 squats and 300 LBCs. Travel in-betweens sets was a run along side Holding Park.
Dora 2 – After a mosey over to WF Town Hall, PAX did 100 plank jacks (SC), 200 Bobby Hurleys and 300 calf raises.
Dora 3 – PAX returned to the Seminary for a abbreviated Dora at the steps. This time it was 25 Star jumps, 50 urkins and 75 CBLs. Travel was up and down the steps.

We circled back at the flag with a few minutes to spare. YHC called on a few PAX to share their word and lead a quick non-ab exercise before time expired.

Thank you all for sharing your word today and helping to get 2023 off to a great start! If you want to keep up with your word for the year and see those of the other PAX, click here to enter your name and word for 2023.
#ISI #Intentionality