Backblast by Pierogi on 01/03/2023

13 PAX came out to Bandwidth for a last minute Q pick up by YHC.
Spit Valve, Thingamabob, Curves, Pierogi, Snow Bird, Rio, B&E, Jingle, Infidel, Melamine, Wrigley, Rosco P, Peat Moss

Warm up- Q was still not fully awake and eventually woke up by the time we got to Good mornings.
SSH, willie mays hayes, Hillbillies, Sir Fazio Arm Circles, Good Mornings, Calf Stretch

F3 Name- Do every letter in your name, after every exercise bear crawl out to the light and mosey back, once you finish your F3 name then start on your hospital name. With Thingamabob having the longest name, we stopped when he was done. Thingamabob not following directions, he claimed he was done before anyone else, which resulted in 11 bear crawls in a row. (Exercises per letter below)

Thingamabob was feeling lucky so he got to chose A, B, or C for the next round. He chose C which was the circle of death.
Circle of Death in far parking lot. Similar to Indian run but with a little twist. PAX line up single file and start with a bear crawl around outer edge, last person in line runs to center island and does 5 burpees and then returns to the front of the line and calls out the next mode of travel. Repeat until all PAX have done the burpees. Modes of travel included, high knees, lunge walk, side lunge, Bernie, reverse crab walk, butt kickers, mosey, bear crawl, and a couple more that I can’t remember.

As time was running out we moseyed over to the blocks and did 20 dips OYO. Mosey back to flag and a quick 20 low slow flutters finished us out.

A- 50 SSH
B- 25 LBC
C- 30 Squats
D- 15 Merkins
E- 50 CMU Curls for the Girls
F- 10 Blockies
G- 50 CMU Rows
H- 20 Jump Squats
I- 30 CMU Overhead Press
J- 50 Big Boy Sit ups
K- 20 Crunchy Frogs
L- 20 Skull Crushers
M- 25 CMU Goblet Squats
N- 10 Burpees
O- 40 J-Los (L/R=1)
P- 20 Bonnie Blair (L/R=1)
Q- 30 LBCs
R- 30 Triceps Extension
S- 30 American Hammers (L/R=1)
T- 20 Murder Bunnies (10 out/10 Back)
U- 30 Kettle Bell Swing
V- 50 Freddy Mercury
W- 50 CMU Chest Press
X- 20 Squat Thruster
Y- 40 Mountain Climbers
Z- 30 Bear Plank Kick Through (L/R=1)