Backblast by Floppy Disk (Tom Neal) on 09/29/2023

Date: 9/29/2023
AO: Red Dawn
Q: Floppy Disk
PAX (8): Green Thumb (Ray Perry), Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni), Flush (Clay Campbell), Menthol (Joel Cade), Counterfeit (John Kinneer), @TheDude, Gilmore (Jim T), YHC Floppy Disk (Tom Neal)

Ruck with Weight – Suggested Weight : 30#
Sandbag – Suggested Weight: 60#
Cones 25 yards apart
Water bottle with water
Timer set at 3 minute intervals (Tabata time set to repeat every three minutes works best)

Bear Complex: Sandbag clean followed by a squat with the sandbag in the front rack
position. After the squat, overhead press the sandbag to the back squat position. Perform a
back squat then overhead press to the front rack position again. Finish with a final squat
with the sandbag in the front rack position. This is one rep.

The Thang:
1. Set up cones 25 yards apart.
2. Start a 3 minute timer. Each time the timer alarms, pax stop what they are doing and
perform 10 burpee jump-over rucks then resume exercises. Repeat this every three minutes.
3. At first cone, Pax will perform 1 Bear Complex.
4. Drop the sandbag, take the ruck off, and take a sip of water. Don’t swallow the water.
5. Pax will rifle carry their ruck to the second cone 25 yards away and back to cone 1 holding
water in your mouth. At that time, Pax can swallow or spit out the water.
6. Put ruck back on and repeat this process.
7. Each round, increase the number of bear complexes.
8. Perform 10 full rounds.

No one completed this in the allotted time. Most finished the eighth round. Rucking is not just a walk in the park, ask Rio!

Thank you for letting me lead such a fine group of men this morning!