Backblast by Billy Goat on 09/28/2023

AO: Quarantine

Date: 27-Sep-2023

Pax: Bike Shorts, Osceola, Roscoe P, Tube Top, Oscar Mayer, Money Pit, Bill Nye

Q: Billy Goat

With the Site Q laying his dear Aunt Bea to rest, YHQ led a somber run around the far extremities of the site to spell:

• R-osalitas

• I-ndigenous Peoples’ Run

• O-utlaws

• S-tar jumps

• M-erkins

• I-mperial Squat Walkers

• M-ountain Climbers

• I-nverted Rows

• R-anger Merkins

• I-mperial Walkers

• P-ull-ups

Love and thoughts with Rio’s family.

Prayers for Money Pit’s wife and the upcoming birth of their child. Prayers for Waffle House’s court date and a positive outcome for his son.

Prayers for the Ukraine.

Plug for Roadside Clean-up!

Great Push!