Backblast by Green Thumb (Ray Perry) on 10/02/2023


AO: Agogee
Q: Green Thumb
PAX: 17 (10K, Pawnee, Sell Hi, Buy Low, 6 Pack, Boingo, Tube Top, Rosco P, Little Dinghy, Ponchorello, Oscar Meyer, Curves, Prius, Boyz-2-Men, Ham, & Rio)

Warm Ups: SSH, Imperial Walker, Good Mornings, Willie Mayes Hayes, & Sir Fazios

Mozie over the quad for a 3 PAX Dora. PAX 1 conducts exercises for the count at the blocks area, PAX 2 conducts AMRAP exercises (Plank Jack and Mountain Climbers) at the chapel steps until relieved, and PAX 3 runs between two sites.
Exercises for count: 150 Derkins, 300 step ups, & 450 LSF (L/R=1)

Mozied over to the small hill next to Carson Hall for a quick set of 7’s. No Cheat Merkins at the bottom and Jump Squats at the top.

This left time for a short Mary of WWII and something to do with dancers. Great work, men!

Announcements: Thanks to those who participated in the roadside cleanup over the weekend. Stay tuned for the next one.
10K’s VQ this Wednesday at The Armory.

Prayers for Little Dinghy’s friends Gary and Marcy (expecting child), Prius’s father (injury and job loss), Floppy Disk (illness), and those PAX nursing injuries until they can return back to the gloom.