Backblast by F3 Phunny on 04/19/2023

11 HIM gathered at The Corral in the Tuesday morning gloom for a Phunny led Ruck & Sandbag workout. The warmup included the usual movements without weight. For below, ruck weights (30# to 55#), sandbag weights (40# to 60#).

Thing 1: 7 total sets with these reps: 5-10-15-20-15-10-5
• Sandbag jumps
• Sandbag rows
Thing 2: 4 rounds of the following with a 3 minute heavy carry (ruck & sandbag) in between:
• Round 1, 3: 15 ruck swings, 20 ruck lunges, 25 ruck high pulls
• Round 2, 4: 15 ruck swings, 20 ruck squats, 25 4-ct low slow flutters with ruck overhead
COT, lots of announcements, and then a reminder to do Name-o-rama. I blame Floppy.

We had 2 new pax to the ruck/sb workout and several newbies who started a few weeks ago that are now consistently coming. Come check out either Red Dawn or The Corral to see what all the buzz is about!