Backblast by Elton (Tim) on 08/07/2023

AO: Agoge
Date: 8/7/2023
Pax (22 total): Chet, Ham, Roscoe P, Tube Top, Housekeeping, Oscar Meyer, Gutter Helmet, Little Dinghy, Half Life, Boingo, Six Pack, Floppy Disk, Ponch, Curves, Jay-Z, Money Pit, Patch Adams, Thingamabob
Welcome FNG’s: Foam Roller, Weed Whacker, Strange Brew
Q: Elton

Warmarama: Side Straddle Hop and Good Mornings.

Moseyed through seminary, across Main St to intersection of Jones and Brooks.

To help PAX be best prepared for The Deacon, we did a set of 11’s up Jones Ave with hand-release merkins at bottom and Lieutenant Dans at the top.

Returned to Ledford Hall at SEBTS where Jay-Z announced the belt challenge:
Sprint to Carson Hall entry, 5 burpees, 10 LBCs, lap around Carson Hall, 5 Merkins, 10 LSF IC, sprint to flag at COT.

Boingo was able to just edge out Poncharello at the flag to take the much coveted Agoge belts.

Prayers: Gutter Helmet interview, Roscoe P’s daughter with school, Webster family and their loss, Wrigley’s dad, Foam Roller’s divorce, Little Dinghy’s passing of a family friend.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!