Backblast by Billy Goat on 08/01/2023

AO: Bandwidth
Date: 2023-Aug-01
Pax: Roscoe P, Patch Adams, Melamine, Infidel, Spit Valve, Rio, Thingamabob, Peat Moss, Oscar Mayer, Bean Counter, Mr. Belding
Q: Billy Goat

An even dozen eager Pax showed at this year’s Iron Pax preview. New forms of pain and suffering were successfully unlocked though no egos were shattered by the experience.

Warmarama: Side Straddle Hop, Good Morning and Active stretches on the field of play (World’s Greatest Stretch, Inch Worms, Merkins, Toy Soldiers, Step Over/Duck Under, High Knees and Butt Kickers

The Main Event: Leave No Man Behind
Cones were spaced at 10-20-30 yards with call prompts left at 0 yards (baseline) and 30 yards (endline). Pax moved through the below calls in order targeting two rounds for time.

30 swings, move block to endline (third cone)
20 Alpos, block to baseline
10 burpee with vertical hop over, block to endline
20 goblet squats, block to baseline
30 shoulder presses, block to endline
20 single arm bentover row (10 each arm), block to baseline
10 surrenders (starting form kneeling on both knees, move to lunge then standing, back to lunge, back to kneeling, that’s one. Alternate legs on each rep) with block overhead, block to endline

At every 3 minutes on the 3rd minute (E3MO3M), each Pax performed the following:
• 3 “Wrist Raisers” (starting from plank with an upright block centered in front of the Pax, “climb” the block by alternating hands up the center “rung”, top of the block, back to center and back to ground). Chaffing may ensue.
• 3-cone suicide with baseline as the start and the block serving as the end point after touching the third cone
• resume the aforementioned circuit
Upon completion, each Pax was instructed to pick up the nearest Six while maintaining the same “For Time” intensity. While the cock crowed early enough to prevent total exhaustion in the extra innings, Iron was sharpened effectively.

Great push!!!

Be sure to come to Max Bandwidth on Thursday for the site’s Sixth Anniversary featuring the one and only VHS at Q.

Sunday morning practice runs continue for The Deacon. Get your miles in!

Prayers for Ukraine!