Backblast by Spit Valve (Geoff) on 09/28/2023

Date: 9/28/2023
AO: Max Bandwidth
Q: Spit Valve
PAX (16): Bean Counter, Billy Goat, BiLo, Dialtone, Elton (Tim), Ham (Chris Schafer), Josh Grapentin, Melamine (Chad), Blake J Anderson, Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni), Rosco P (Rich O’Donnell), Sell High, Snoopy (Barron Holland), Tube Top (Matt Boretti), FNG (Snoopy’s Son), YHC Spit Valve (Geoff)

The Thang:
15 for IronPax 2023 Week 4 – “We Are Not Professionals”. 1 for AluminumPax.

15 PAX completed the following, broken up into rounds:
70 Coupon Thrusters
70 WW3 Coupon Sit-Ups
70 Blockees
75 Perfect Merkins
24 to 33 Kraken Burpees (based on time)
90 yards of Murder Bunnies
90 yards of REDRUM Bunnies
270 yards of Bear Crawl

1 WW3 = coupon chest press while on back, military press once vertical
1 Perfect Merkin = Hand Release Merkin with a tap of each shoulder at the top
1 Kraken Burpee = 3 Hand Release Merkins, stand up, jump; 3 Kraken Burpees were performed every 5 minutes throughout the workout

If you want to see the workout, visit the F3Greenwood site or watch their YouTube channel. It’s too complicated to spell out here.

BiLo took the title at just under 43 minutes, with Ham and Rio in hot pursuit.

Special welcome to Sell High and Snoopy’s son. Snoopy had to leave before everyone finished, so we didn’t get to bequeath his FNG son with a name.

IronPax returns next year (hallelujah!) to Max Bandwidth.