Backblast by Billy Goat on 02/01/2023

Site: Quarantine
PAX: Money Pit, Rio, Roscoe P, Thingamabob, Tube Top
Q: Billy Goat

Six PAX celebrated the 30th anniversary of YHQ’s Sweet Sixteen with a merciless beatdown dominated by exercises ending in EE. In total, the HIM completed 180 BPEs (BurPee Equivalents).

Meeting inside the bone dry recesses of the East Parking Garage, a light warmup and stretch included a Build-A-Burpee workshop (10 Merkins, 10 Groiners, 10 Squat Thrusts, 10 Bobby Hurleys for 10 BPEs) and “The Cardinal” (5 burpees followed by a moment of silence where each PAX privately set intentions for the workout or for the day; 5 BPEs). The PAX stayed under shelter for Grizzlees (Bear Crawl with a growling burpee at the call of “Grizzly!”; 6 BPEs)

Next up, the PAX graduated from level to level with Beamees (burpees with beam touches) and Sprintees (burpee, burpee-to-sprint) and a variety of experimental calls (Boardees – regular and goofy snowboard landed burpees, BDE burpees – Lt. Dan with a Burpee, and BOPOs – burpee, one leg burpee, plank jack, other leg burpee) – 55 BPE total. At the top, partners performed 5 Kraken Burpees (burpee with 3 HR Merkins), 5 Clurpees (clapping merkin burpees), and 5 Bropees (burpee to High Ten!) to yield a nice, cool frontal saturation – 15 BPE.

Recovery took the form of a mosey in light rain to the well hid coupons. At NE Wake’s Only Sheltered Coupon Location (!!), each PAX performed 5 Blockees (burpee to press), 5 Stepees (quick feet on the block to burpee), and 5 Overees (burpee jump over coupon) with a repeato just for groans – 30 BPE.

Moving to back to the bridge, five deft executions of “The Wolverine” or Wolviee (Merkin, left knee to chest, Merkin, right knee to chest, Merkin to Burpee) were performed followed by 5 burpee broad jumps. Across the Bridge and again under partial shelter, sevens (42 BPEs) were called with box jump burpees and squapees (burpees ending in the squat position).

At the flag, YHQ called defeat prior to the planned “Thunderstruck” call that would have added the necessary 33 BPEs to top 200 BPEs total. With ≥ 8 birthday burpees per PAX, approximately 180 BPEs were completed prior to COT.

Prayers for Thingamabob and his coworkers as they face the uncertainty of layoffs, Roscoe P’s friend’s dad Al, and all the rest of the prayers spoken and unspoken.