Backblast by Spit Valve (Geoff) on 09/15/2022

Date: 9/15/22
AO: Max Bandwidth
Q: Spit Valve
PAX (21): @willrray, @ylhandlz, Caesar, @pavlo.basiuk, @jastork, Don’t Fix It, Drysdale, @timldry, Fine Print, @ray.perry17, @schafer.chris.25, Hash Brown, @carterp28, Money Pit, @shaunhanna, Peat Moss, @lizcitypirate, @lizcitypirate, @neal.gallagher, @royce, YHC @kutchg

The Thang:
3 for AluminumPax
18 for IronPax Week 2 – “Belle” Ringer

Set up two cones 25 yards apart
-Perform 5 Blockees at Cone 1
-Rifle Carry to Cone 2
-Perform 10 We’re Not Worthies
-Farmer Carry back to Cone 1
-Continue with 5 Blockees each time you get to Cone 1, always Rifle Carrying from 1 to 2 and Farmer Carrying from 2 to 1, altering the exercise at Cone 2 each time as noted:

Reps at Cone 2
-10 We’re Not Worthies
-15 Goblet Squats
-20 Overhead Triceps Extensions
-25 Kettlebell Swings
-30 Bicep Curls

Repeat AMRAP for 45 minutes. One full set will give you 125 reps (including the Blockees).

Kudos to those who ate up the coupon work like Peat Moss and Ham, but also props to all for pushing through a tough beatdown. In YHC’s opinion this wasn’t a typical IronPax week that just assaults one or two body parts, it was actually a good workout.

Excellent work, men!