Backblast by Green Thumb on 09/20/2022

Site: Bandwidth
Q: Green Thumb
Pax: 24

24 PAX (1 original Green Thumb and 23 imposters) gathered to help Green Thumb cross over into the “Respect” club.

Green Thumb multiplied as we began warm-ups of side straddle hops, then on to Hillbillies, Willie Mays Hayes, and Good Mornings. Everyone returned to their original form for a short mozie to the suck blocks for a *3-person Dora*. One Pax conducted reps for count, one Pax AMRAP plank-jacks, with one PAX running between suck blocks and middle island. Exercises at the suck blocks were *100 Derkins*, *200 L/R Step-ups* (sc), and *300 LSF* (L/R = 1)

Next was a modified 7, thanks Flush for introducing this. Like normal 7’s but in multiples of 5. Rep counts of 5-30, 10-25, 15-20, 20-15, 25-10, 30-5 with travel between the blocks and tires. Exercises were irkins on the blocks and tire squats on the tires.
This left time for a short Mary and 50 Birthday Burpees for Green Thumb (the original).

Thank all of you for the support and friendship, and to my wife for the “multiplicity” surprise. Great work pulling it off.