Backblast by Spit Valve (Geoff) on 08/05/2022

Date: 8/2/2022
AO: Bandwidth
Q: Spit Valve and Team
PAX (18): @willrray, @tfgolfin, @ylhandlz, Boyz II Men, Broadway, @pavlo.basiuk, Chowdah, @jastork, Dialtone, @schafer.chris.25, @chadegriffin71, Mr. Belding, @shaunhanna, Peat Moss, @lizcitypirate, @ariel.rosario, @mboretti1971, YHC @kutchg

Warm Up:
SSH, Willie Mays Hayes, Moroccan Night Clubs

The Thang:
For the 5th anniversary of the the Bandwidths, we returned to the scene of the crime. We moseyed to the original site of Bandwidth at the Greenway Club, stopping periodically to wait for the 6. YHC gave stats on who had Qed the most and least over the past five years, and those named called out the exercises to perform while we waited.

After reaching the Greenway Club and thumbing our noses at its small parking lot, pitch black soccer field, tiny rock pile, and Denise, we continued on to the Ace Hardware parking lot, one of our frequent workout destinations back in the day. Waiting for us was the OG site Q, Dialtone. He led us through several rounds of his patented 10-20-30 with an additional 5 burpees mixed in each time.

We moseyed back home, again stopping periodically for the 6.

A lot has happened to each of us in the last five years, and this is a wonderful brotherhood to share life with.