Backblast by Jim Thompson on 08/05/2022

6 PAX sweated it out at Dark Knight thanks to a Chet inspired workout.
Following warm up of good afternoons, SSH, cotton pickers, Willie May Hayes and Sir Fazios (front and back), the HIMs did a “Catch me If You Can” run to the workout site.
Once everyone gathered a non-traveling rock, the group did a lap to explain the workout.
We started with sets of 8 and the lap consisted of 6 workouts.
1 – Arm curls
2 – Stairway to Nowhere (L-R Step ups with a squat)
3 – Star Jumps
4 – American Hammers
5 – Merkins
6 – LBCs
Each lap descended by 1 (despite the objection of Stairway). We worked as a group and made it to round of 3 sets.
It was a hot one out there. Thank you as always for the push gentleman! Also, welcome back Hooter!! It was so great to see you back out.
Reminder: Have you reached out to a brother you haven’t seen out in a while? @dave @barneske11 @thompi8255 Hooter, Head Nurse, Klinger.